Dark Legions Archive: The Unofficial Mirror

Mission Statement

In May of 2018, a leftist botnet started what would be a very devastating attack on Death Metal Underground. As a result, the many great reviews on the website, also known as the DARK LEGIONS ARCHIVE, was lost as a valuable source of information. As a result, I decided to use a certain Ruby plugin to make a mirror of the DLA (from back when it was still located on the server currently hosting the American Nihilist Underground Society website, due to those pages being more minimalist and aesthetically pleasing, without losing any of the quality reviews that were on the DLA) due to this attack. The reason for doing so is the fact that history is being censored as a result of this website's absence, which should not be the case.
However, I am not associated with Death Metal Underground, the American Nihilist Underground Society, or any related entities. I want to make this much clear; I'm just a random anon trying to help people read a source without having to worry about using an archiving website that might not even have all of the pages. I will be uploading a copy of the DLA to various file hosting services, so that someone who wants to mirror this site can also do the same.
The only thing that is missing from this mirror is the Hall forum, which will likely be added at some later point. The MP3 samples are also missing, but this is because this site's host doesn't allow that for various reasons.
I will also be adding download links for the albums in the DLA. The majority of these will be 320kbps MP3s, and all will be original album presses (if possible). These will likely be appended to the site later.

UPDATE: As of June of 2018, Death Metal Underground has returned to existence. However, I will be leaving this mirror up as a resource in case the site ever goes down again.